630 series manual pulleys

"Jaguar" fast differential pulleys 630 series

"JAGUAR" differential pulleys are manual devices that combine quality, security and performance. They are lightweight, small and easy to handle. Suspension and loading hooks are forged out of high resistance steel and equipped with safety bolts that can rotate 360º. The brake discs are double coated and contain neither metal particles nor toxic materials. The link chains are made out of high resistance steel and meet national and international standards in force.

All JAGUAR manual chain hoists are tested beyond their nominal capacity. Each hoist is delivered with a test certificate featuring the series number and an Instructions Manual containing the CE Compliance Declaration.

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Note: JAGUAR differential pulleys are not designed to lift people and should not be used for this purpose.

• Stainless steel, acid-resistant load and control chain.
• Chain bag, highly practical for transporting the manual hoist.