Wall-mounted winch

Wall-mounted winch

Wall mounted winches are lifting devices, worked by hand, extremely easy to handle. They come ready to be fitted in the workplace.The rack is made up of stamped and welded sheet metal.
The drum and the crown are grade 1 quality casting, and the crown can be dismantled.


Rack Jacks

Rack jacks

The JAGUAR rack jack is designed according to the principle of mechanical transmission.
This is one of the best tools used on repairs, maintenance, etc.
The lifting and dropping speed can be controlled.
It overcomes the disadvantages of normal hydraulic jacks that lack control when there is an oil leak.
Its high quality steel structure makes it safe, reliable and lasting.
Its compact design with a fold-way lever makes it easy to work and simple to maintain.

- Fold-away lever
- Two applicable supports
- Greater lifting range


Jaguar Hidraulic Jack "AGATU" model

“JAGUAR” hydraulic Jack "AGATU" model

A JAGUAR hydraulic jack is the ideal tool for lifting heavy loads very safely and practically.
It is very easy to use, just close the handle and activate the lever, to drop down, just open the handle.
Two supports can be used to raise the load: the jack foot and head. 


"Jaguar" hydraulic bottle Jack "AGAUN" model

“JAGUAR” hydraulic bottle Jack "AGAUN" model

The JAGUAR hydraulic bottle jack is designed to raise cars and trucks although it can also be used in industry.
They work according to the hydraulic principle and are characterised by being compact, light and easy to use.


"JAGUAR" transport trucks "ATACA" model

"JAGUAR” transport trucks "ATACA" model 

Solid and effective modular system for moving heavy loads. The trucks and guide trolleys are mounted on A ball bearings to make it easier to move them. They can be combined using joining bars to better distribute the load. Because their wheels are only 110mm we have a very low B centre of gravity, thereby meaning that loads can be moved C much more safely. The truck with shaft and the E trolleys with the joining bar can be sold separately.

"JAGUAR" mini weighing hooks "M G P J" model


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"JAGUAR" mini weighing hooks "M G P J" model 

The mini weighing hooks have been designed to weigh small loads with maximum accuracy. They come fitting with a shackle on the top to be able to hang it easily and conveniently from any point.

- Waterproof control panel
- Stainless steel shackle and hook
- Aluminium frame


"JAGUAR" truck kit "AKT" model

"JAGUAR” truck kit "AKT" model

The JAGUAR truck kit is made up of 4 metal roller trucks (2 with a fixed plate and 2 with a turning plate), 2 pull levers, 2 joining bars, and 1 metal box with its pull lever that is used for both transport and holding the kit.

- Large load capacity
- Ideal for moving heavy loads over short distances
- Accurate manoeuvre control
- Minimum turning radius of 3 metres
- Do not exceed 5m/min. speed


“JAGUAR” lifting lever "APAEL" model

Hoist lever

The JAGUAR lifting lever can come with two types of wheels:
- PAEL3N Nylon
- PAEL3R Bearings


"GPJ" model weighing hook

"GPJ" model weighing hook 

The GPJ weighing hooks are compactly and solidly-made, designed to be hung directly from the crane or hoist hook.

Its lower hook is set into the body and mounted on bearings allowing us to turn the load 360º reasonably easily. It has an energy-saving function to work for longer (up to 200 hours) without recharging the battery. All the weighing hooks come with a remote control, battery charger and spare battery up to the 5 Tn model.